Here Is the Anti-Meat Video That Omnivores and Vegans Can Agree On

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  • Cracked is back at it. “It” being making “If ____ Were Honest” videos. This one is about the ever malicious meat industry, and what their advertising might look like if they included some key facts about factory farming. Also, this company wants to “grow meat in a lab”, if you’re into that kind of thing. Check out the video below. WARNING: Graphic and nasty content.

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  • The video discusses meat processing, and all of the nasty stuff that goes into that, well… process.

    The “modern flesh ingester” eats the factory-made “meat” and boy do they tell you all about that! It’s not untrue though. The ASPCA can back up the fact checking element of this video indefinitely.

    In the video, the Horton Farms spokesperson explains how they grind up “all that business” (aka animal parts) until you can’t tell it’s NOT meat, and then call it meat.

    They also explain a “flesh tube making process” that begins and ends with high quality intestine lining. According to him, the term “high quality” is completely subjective, and is complete bullsh*t. He compares the product to a “sick joke”, wrapping an animal inside different parts of itself… and casually mentions that we probably won’t think of it that way because it is marketed to us in fun shapes and colors.

    The video is pretty eye opening, that is if you’re completely oblivious to what goes on in the U.S.’s factory farms. If you’re interested in potentially transitioning to a plant-based diet, here’s a super helpful infographic by peta2 to get started.

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