Watch Hillary and Donald Fight It Out in This Epic Rap Battle

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  • Epic Rap Battles has been hiatus since their memorable Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible video from a few months back. Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD) have been touring and getting ready for the new season. But they had to return to take on the election. Much like their last presidential rap battle, this one gets cut off.

    EpicLLOYD is back to play Donald Trump. Kimmy Gatewood is playing HRC. You might remember that Epic Rap Battles have had Donald Trump rap before, versus Ebenezer Scrooge. This time, though, he’s much more orange and much more angry.

    Hillary kicks things off by addressing her experience. The beat drops in and she’s immediately out of her chair and freestyling. Her disses include Trump’s Russia controversies, the color of his skin, how creepy his kids are, and his plethora of bankruptcies.

    Trump takes the hits and then dishes his own. He focuses on the emails, the glass ceiling, insisting she started ISIS, and calling back to the contentious primary race with Bernie Sanders. EpicLLOYD, playing Trump, is just so… orange.

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