Dude Perfect Shows Off Their New Office With Sweet Trick Shots

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Dude Perfect is a group of dudes (and a panda) that exist to do awesome trick shots — and do them really freakin’ well. For that, they now have a new office in which to do said trick shots. Their office is even sponsored (by Ruffles). They’re living the dream.

    The new Dude Perfect office includes a hockey rink. Living. The. Dream. The guys open the office on their channel by performing multiple new trick shots. The space is really expansive, so they’re able to do some amazing things. That includes a dual-story golf shot, a swinging bean-bag chuck, and hitting a gong with a soccer ball. It’s all even cooler than it sounds.

    There are two tricks that really stand out in their new video. One is throwing a football through a basketball hoop on a moving golf cart. The other is a badass half-court shot on a hockey rink. Good stuff, dudes. One might even say… dude, perfect.

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