If Someone Pitched You the Park From ‘Westworld’, You Wouldn’t Buy It

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Westworld is an exciting new show from HBO. It’s a fix for your Game of Thrones needs that explores a world of realistic robots in an adult amusement park. YouTuber Jenny Nicholson (who you may remember from her breakout Suicide Squad sales pitch video) gives Westworld the sales pitch treatment.

    You see, Westworld is the product of two partners’ imaginations. One is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, aka Hannibal Lecter. He plays Dr. Robert Ford, who created and now runs the park. But the board of trustees, also in charge of the park, wants to bring him down. His partner Albert, who we’ve not yet met, is “dead”.

    This paragraph contains numerous spoilers. So, you know, just skip it if you’re not caught up. Nicholson brings up numerous problems with the park. Like how the robots feel pain, which was discussed in the latest episode. The robots are also waking up intellectually, and remembering previous “lives”. It spells nothing but trouble for the park.

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