Westworld Is Just Jurassic Park and CollegeHumor’s Here to Prove It

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Westworld is a distracting television series from HBO. We’re without Game of Thrones for a few months, and with the election, a distracting series is what we need right now. Problem is, CollegeHumor has noticed a few similarities between Westworld and Jurassic Park. This comes after Jenny Nicholson made the problematic sales pitch for Westworld.

    Both are secretly parks for eight year olds. Cowboys and dinosaurs are both things that excite mostly the youngest members of society. Both parks are also run by wizened old men with… quirks. Both are played by legends of the acting field.

    Both are probably ridiculously expensive. Both have security measures to protect the visitors. Both those security measures are bound to fail. Which means everyone’s going to get hurt in both parks.

    Both the robots and the dinosaurs gain features they should not have. The robots become kind of… sentient. The dinosaurs begin to breed. Both of these things are not good.

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