What if Kevin From ‘Home Alone’ Were Replaced With E.T.?

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  • How It Should Have Ended is best known for bringing you better endings to recent films, like Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War. However, they’ve been testing out new series recently. One of them is the Hero Swap. In this episode, they insert lovable alien E.T. into Home Alone. This is the second recent re-imagining of the Christmas classic this week, as Schmoyoho recently Songified it.

    The alien is left behind, as his spaceship flies away at the beginning. He finds his way out of the woods, and there stands the Home Alone house. He enters, and Kevin and his family are gone. So he stays in the house, until the robbers show up. Marv trips over a toy car, and he and E.T. spot each other. Both run away screaming. From then on, the HISHE crew brings us a series of creative re-imaginings of the Home Alone plot, but with good ol’ E.T. in Kevin’s place.

    This is all fine and good, but I like imagining it’s a true hero swap, and Kevin McCallister is with the E.T. crew, trying to make a bicycle fly away from the government.

    What do you think? Who would you rather have defending your home, E.T. or Kevin? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.