‘Finding Dory’ Gets Picked Apart by CinemaSins

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • CinemaSins nitpicks films in their YouTube series “Everything Wrong With”. This time, they’re going hard in the paint after Finding Dory, the latest Pixar entry, which Honest Trailers already covered. They go as far as calling it a “sequel that relies upon previous films instead of breaking new ground” in their description. So.

    They follow their trend of critiquing the opening credits and the production company logos. Then CinemaSins gets to the meat of the film – Dory’s memory is very convenient. It doesn’t really follow any rules, and they start picking up on it early. There’s so many ways around the conceit of her character in the first film, and this film is reduced to feel-good mush.

    Another element the team goes after early is the unnecessary roles of Marlin and Nemo early in the film. Marlin could be out of the beginning and it would still make some sense. Pixar continues to make great original films, but I agree with CinemaSins, they can’t make a good sequel that’s not in the Toy Story franchise.

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