Game Theorists Reveal the Problem With YouTube in Stunning Fifteen Minute Video

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  • Normally Game Theorists give us fantastic commentary on Poke’mon, Mario and unmasking Rosalina at long last, but today they give us some commentary on an important issue — the changes in YouTube and how they undermine quality work from creators.

    The Game Theorists surmise all this in their annual “meta” video which exists as a response to, amongst other things, h3h3’s video about how the YouTube’s system is lying to us. The Game Theorists reveal that the YouTube system isn’t lying, but it changed to emphasize work that appears on a daily basis — quantity over quality — and how that leads the creators who built YouTube into the powerhouse it is today to burn out and have to continue chasing a constantly changing norm.

    So how can YouTube promote both daily views and its creators? There must be a middle ground! Seeing nothing but the same giant corporations we see outside of YouTube will get depressing. This is what The Game Theorists will cover next week in their much teased video.

    What do you think? Should YouTube change to accommodate its creators or should the creators change to accommodate YouTube? How can creators compete with corporations who have more money, employees and a professional schedule. Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter feed at @WhatsTrending.