SJ’s Honest Trailers Delves Into “The Empire Strikes Back”

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  • Honest Trailers is known for its scathing take downs on everything from much loathed flops to modern superhero blockbusters. Yet what happens when they’re faced with a holy grail — one of the ultimate examples of perfect nerd moviedom?

    Such is the challenge when the writers of ScreenJunkies create an Honest Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. Even the video admits as much— focusing at first on the weird ways people pronounce “Han” in the film, how often Luke and Leia kiss and just how dumb Luke really is in this movie. They then go beyond that, and delve into what a nicer world it was when no one took these characters so seriously, showing a bizarre clip of Billy Dee Williams trying to remember Chewbacca’s name. I love it.

    If you liked this video, you should check out ScreenJunkies’ Roast of Darth Vader which you can watch for free when you sign up to ScreenJunkies from Facebook. Judging from the clip at the end of the Honest Trailer, it looks ridiculous.

    What do you think of this Honest Trailer? Did they go too easy on The Empire Strikes Back? Too hard? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.