PewDiePie Raises 1.3 Million For Charity

  • Many were stunned, confused, angered and amused at PewDiePie’s surreal stunt last week when, upon promising to end close his account when he hit 50 million subscribers, he instead closed his empty JackSepticEye2 account which he created just to prove the goofiness of the YouTube algorithm.

    However, he used this increased traffic to his channel for a good cause — by bringing that audience to his Cringemas livestream where he and a slew of other creators — including JackSepticEye, MarkiPlier, KickThePJ, Cryaotic and EmmaBlackery. The money raised during Cringemas when to (Red), a charity meant to raise money towards fighting AIDS. It’s impressive, and shows the YouTube creator community using their public personalities for good!

    In the video PewDiePie posted about the results of Cringemas, he also covered his recent concerns regarding YouTube’s changing algorithm and their ignoring of creators. Some, such as The Game Theorists’ latest “meta” video discuss it very in depth, and PewDiePie’s call for a more open discussion between creators and the YouTube management is a good one to hear.

    But for now, we can all just enjoy one of our favorite YouTube creators doing an act of good!

    What do you think — either of PewDiePie, #Cringemas or his latest word in the ongoing discussion about the tension between creators and YouTube? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.