PewDiePie Recieves RubyPlay Button, Flushes Useless DiamondPlay Button

  • PewDiePie has been celebrating his 50 Million Subscribers — a first for any YouTube Creator — in style. First he goofed on us all with a lovely and strange prank, then he raised a ridiculous 1.3 million dollars to help (Red) fight AIDS, and now he lets us celebrate with him as he unboxes something even greater than the Diamond Play Button — The Ruby Play Button!

    Although, it looks more like a fist bump, which plays wonderfully into PewDiePie’s fun loving attitude. It comes in a box with a carving of the YouTube play button on it and, realizing he no longer has use for his Diamond Button, PewDiePie throws it into the toilet. Guys. PewDiePie has a weirdly nice toilet. What is that about?

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  • Showing off his awards, his cool toilet— PewDiePie is having an amazing week. Congratulations PewDiePie on making YouTube history!

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