I’m Posting A Video Of My Cat And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

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    Yeah, I’m just sitting here. Working on the What’s Trending website. Doing what I do.

    Oh, Tina Fey joked about the Bill Cosby rape allegations in 2005? I’ll write that up. What’s that? Hannah Hart smoked weed with Sarah Silverman? You better believe imma be on that.

    And yes, if my cat starts eating the holiday decorations in my apartment, I’m going to shoot that from my phone and post a low-res video on YouTube, then I’m going to embed that video here on WhatsTrending.com. What are you going to do about it?

  • Nothing

    Nothing, that’s what. You’re going to click on it and think it’s cute and you won’t give a single fat fig about it because it’s just as likely to be trending as any other video posted to Reddit or Facebook today.

    Don’t think I should do it? Think I should stick to only pre-populated trending videos? Stick it in your sight hole! That’s what I say. I decide what trends around here. “Give me the cat video and I’ll make it trend” is my motto.

    Oh, going to make a snarky comment on the hip DVDs on display in my apartment that I think make me cool? Go ahead, see if I care. Heck, maybe I’ll make an entire post about that, too! I can do it if I want.

    I’ll end this post with a gif that has nothing to do with the above content. Think that’s taking it too far? “Shove it in a tin can” is what I say to that.

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