16-Year-Old April the Giraffe Pregnant with Fifth Calf

Just one year after her live-streamed birth went viral

April the giraffe has been, and is pregnant with her fifth calf! The giraffe started popping them out young, and to me it seems like she’s trying to make a name for herself. Someone needs to get this girl on Teen Mom!

April is a 16-year-old giraffe that lives in the Animal Adventure Park in New York. The city girl is no stranger to pregnancy, and she began making a living out of being pregnant when she went viral last year during a live-streaming of her fourth birth. After gaining fame, and a huge fan base, it was only right to make a huge announcement about this pregnancy.

Given her following, it was only natural the owner of the park, Jordan Patch announced April’s pregnancy on The Today Show. He teased the presenters on the show and finally came out with the news saying ‘we are having a baby.’ I don’t know about you, but that sounds like he might possibly be the father? If so, congratulations on your very long-necked human.

All jokes aside, many fans of the giraffe would be happy to know that April’s long-term beau, Oliver, is the father. This is the second child that the two are having together, one year after the birth of their first-born calf, Tajiri. The announcement was made quite a big deal on the show, and many people shared on Twitter how very happy they are for April. Looks like she’s not just popular in the zoo, but outside of it, too!


Some people took to Twitter just to announce how jealous they were of April’s very ‘busy’ lifestyle, and others joked about the teenager being the Kardashian of the giraffe world, popping out babies left right. Look, don’t hate her ’cause you ain’t her.


However, when other fans heard that April had a big announcement, they hoped for non-pregnancy related new…

Perhaps next year, Kevin!

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