Seal Cuddles Dog, Dog Doesn’t Give a Care (CUTE!)

  • Sure. FINE. It’s okay when a SEAL does it, but when I try it in bars I have to apologize and “stop crying.”

    So a seal recently ran into a dog and found the indifferent-looking dog, who pays as much emotional attention to the seal as I got in my last relationship, so cuddly that the seal could just not contain its fervor.

    Either that or the seal was too fat to giant-dog-snake-with-flippers-glide over the dog and is now stuck at an insurmountable obstacle.

    Nonetheless, this video is absolutely adorable.

    Maybe the seal should’ve worked on its game and learned from the master, and father of all real-life seals, Seal. Maybe an open, flowing shirt in front of a bat signal would’ve lightened up that dog’s “leave me alone this isn’t happening” attitude.