Luna The Cat Is Insane, And Thus A Totally Normal Cat

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    That sound you heard? That’s a collective sigh from the 45 million cat owners in the United States who just realized they could have filmed their kitten (or kittens), posted it to YouTube, and had a viral hit.

    Luna the cat is cute and ridiculous, but it’s what literally every cat does if you watch it for more than an hour. Remarkably, cat videos of this nature are plentiful and yet the market is not saturated! People are always interested in a new and innovative set of cat videos.

    Reddit user emlod posted this video yesterday afternoon, and it’s been watched nearly one million times in under 24 hours. Fortunately for those of us who want as many cat photos as we can squeeze into our eyeballs, user AmerikanInfidel compiled all of emlod’s imgurs into one handy comment.

    Within two hours of this Reddit post, it was already climbing to the top of, and was written up on Jezebel.

    Congratulations, cats, you’ve finally made it on the Internet.