Send Your Sweetie A Customizable Valentine’s Day Song

  • Valentine’s Day is a time I really wish I had the creative talent to do something special for my girlfriend. I can’t paint, can’t build anything, definitely can’t sing. My best strategy is to cook a nice dinner that is almost too difficult for me but not quite, and make sure her music is playing during our romantic dinner, instead of my — as she describes it — “weird droney shit.”

    This year, I can do one better, thanks to MadLoves, a customizable Valentine’s Day song that you can send to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, for the cost $1 (which goes to charity). Here’s the form letter you fill out, Mad Libs style. (Areas in Bold are what you fill in)

    Dear _____,

    You are always my Relationship but today you’re my MadLove.

    Even though you (do/don’t/kind of) have blonde hair I still How do you feel about them.

    Whenever we Favorite thing to do together I always think that you’re so Adjective.

    So this valentines day, instead of me cooking you Favorite Food how about I What do you want to do on V-Day.


    Your Name

    Unfortunately, you can’t actually hear the song before Valentine’s Day, so hopefully it’s not somehow damaging to relationships.

    MadLoves is a project of Deep V Music, and all proceeds go to benefit an organization called Music & Memory that “helps the elderly find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music.”

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