Husky Sees Owner After 1.5 Months Away

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    We’ve watched a sad dog getting scolded in Russian this week, so let’s round it out by watching this Russian guy’s husky go bonkers with joy when he returns home from a six-week trip.

    The man man can barely get in the door before his ecstatic dog jumps all over him, knocks him to the ground and licks his face. It’s the kind of feel-good stuff that makes the whole internet worth it.

    Obviously the guy’s adoring baby-talk to his dog is in Russian and hard to make out, but it’s along the lines of “who’s a good dog!” according to the internet. Nice to know that phrase transcends all languages and cultures.

    It’s also pretty funny that the guy basically ignores his girlfriend for more than three minutes while he’s getting sloppy doggy kisses. (Lots of sloppy doggy kisses, on the mouth. Ew man, hygiene.)