This Baby Finds Your Crazy “Snow” Theories HILARIOUS

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  • This adorable toddler is basically how all of us in LA react when other people tell us about weather, or maybe what kids will be like after the inevitable “Mad Max” global warming apocalypse happens.

    As his little girl tries to enjoy her cereal, her harebrained father tries to explain his silly theories about snow, which he probably read on the internet somewhere. “The snow falls from the sky and it blankets everything,” he says. “It covers it completely.”

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” she replies. “Daddy’s funny.”

    He tries to explain that it’s true – snow will fall out of the sky and cover the ground and it will be really cold – but the kid just laughs and shakes her head and babbles at her mom like “Can you believe this guy?”

    At one point she turns to wave at the window and then flops back in her chair because she can’t deal with all this nonsense. Sure – cold white stuff that falls out of the sky. Tell us another one.