This House Cat is So Huge it Scared the Neighbors

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  • This enormous house cat would strike terror into the heart of any dog and had its owners’ neighbors convinced that a wild animal was on the loose.

    Spock is a 3 1/2 year old Maine Coon who weighs in at 27 pounds and is over four feet long. He’s so big that people walking past the house have seen him looking out the window and called animal control, thinking a wild bobcat somehow broke in and made itself comfortable in the living room.

    Owner Colleen Pizarev wrote a post on her blog called “How To Media Train A Cat” after news outlets asked to come over and do stories about him.

    First, you start off with a very smart cat. Then you put him in front of a camera, with a nice cameraman who doesn’t mind having his tripod, bag and camera thoroughly sniffed, and a really good reporter who thinks he’s the cutest thing she’s seen in years. Then you let him do his thing.

    Much easier than trying to explain to an exec how to hold his head, where to look while on camera, and how to modulate his voice. Only to watch him forget everything and blow the interview. Don’t even get me started on what he should not say that he just did and now I have to sweep up.

    Spock’s favorite pastimes are the usual for kitties: eating (up to a pound of food each day), sleeping, staring at things and knocking coffee mugs off the counter. Pizarev apparently uses earthquake putty to glue down anything she doesn’t want her adorable monster cat to break.