The Internet Falls in Love with Quasimodo the German Shepherd

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  • There’s a cute meme out there I particularly like, that goes, “Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation. Puppy don’t care. Puppy got stuff to do.”

    This philosophy is embodied in Quasimodo the German Shepherd, who was born with short spine syndrome, but that won’t stop him from being a typically friendly and adorable dog.

    Quasimodo was found as a stray in Kentucky and sent to Secondhand Hounds, a nonprofit in Minnesota. His condition means that he’s missing several vertebrae from his back, which can’t be surgically repaired. But other than some minor health issues, he seems to be doing fine.

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  • His unusual appearance quickly made him an internet favorite, with plenty of people interested in adopting him. However, Secondhand Hounds is keeping him in foster care for a while as they judge his temperament and health. They also hope that the online attention will raise awareness for more special needs pets and encourage families to consider adopting them as well.