You’ve Got to See These Puppies Meeting Pluto at Disneyland

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  • You’ve got to wonder what goes through a dog’s mind when they meet a person dressed in a giant dog costume. Do they think it’s an actual giant dog, or do they know it’s a person and think we’re trying to communicate with them or something?

    Either way, it’s freaking adorable.

    One particularly precious example is Ace, who is training with Guide Dogs of America. In this Facebook video from his owner Sandy Steinblums that’s approaching 20 million views, Ace acts like he just met one of his heroes when he meets Pluto during a trip to Disneyland.

    The future guide dog wasn’t there just to have fun, though – he was there to practice socializing with people, and still has six to nine months of training to go. He’s going to have to dial back the fanboyish (fandoggish?) glee when he’s on the job.