Watch This Kitten Say “Yum Yum Yum” While Eating

  • This cat owner recorded an adorable video of his kitten, Allan, eating. Clearly Allan is really enjoying the food because his squeals sound like he’s saying “yum yum yum” as he eats. The video shows Allan and another kitten eating for about three minutes, with Allan continuously squealing as he eats.

    The video description mentions:

    fyi, I was fully aware of it being a form of aggression… but it was too cute 😛

    While that may be true, it sure looks (and sounds) like the kitten loves his food. Since posting on YouTube in 2008, the video has gone viral. It was featured on MTV Canada, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Animal Planet, America’s Cutest Cat, and more. It also has millions of views on YouTube.

    Good for Allan. Imagine if we could all become famous by eating our food loudly. We’d never be as cute as this kitten though!

  • Watch more videos of Allan here.