Guy Makes His Dog Into A Real Life Clifford!

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  • Christopher Cline was having a rough time after a move from Virginia to Minnesota. Try as he might, he kept slipping into a deeper depression until his girlfriend brought home Juji.

    Now the adorable Goldendoodle has become a muse for the digital artist, and his depression is kept at bay when he creates these fantastic photoshops of his buddy.

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  • Now, Juji has become the subject of his very own photobook! Cline chose to create a book for children that features a “real-life giant dog,” who they can connect with. Each photo has required more skill than the last and Cline finds himself very happily challenged. Check out the images below!

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  • You can check out all of Cline’s phenomenal work on his Instagram, and get to see some of the Juji’s latest portraits.

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