Momma and Puppies Reunite at Humane Society

  • Animal shelters often bring to mind sad stories set to Sarah McLachlan music, but this Monday the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California got to bring about a much more uplifting tail…er, tale.

    It all began when two dogs were surrendered by their owner on Saturday. When the female, named Cora, was taken for her vet check up, they found that she’d very recently had puppies. Though reluctant to admit to their existence initially, after learning that the puppies were too young to be on their own, the owner confirmed the birth and agreed to give them to the Humane Society as well.

    The story has gone viral after the Monday reunion was captured on tape and uploaded to YouTube (with nearly half a million views so far this week). You can see how Cora goes from scared, cowering along the back wall, to curious and then oh-so-very-happy as she sees her puppies again. The cutest part might just be how often she goes back to the crate they arrived in to check and make sure all of them are there.

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  • The Marin Humane Society reports all are doing very well together in their foster home, where they’ll be for the next few weeks. They also confirm that and that the puppies, now named Branson, Carson, Molesley and Edith after Downton Abbey characters, and Cora as well have had inquiries for adoption.

    That’s the stuff the internet was made to share!