Adorable Arctic Fox Giggles Every Time Someone Laughs

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  • Foxes may soon replace sloths and corgis as the internet’s favorite animal, if the latest adorable viral video is any clue – it’s a white Arctic fox named Archer who cracks up any time he hears laughter.

    The fox is now Vine-famous thanks to this video of him rolling onto his side and cackling, like somebody in the room just told an amazing joke. (It probably wasn’t somebody asking “what’s the fox say,” before you ask. That joke’s pretty stale.)

    “Archer usually starts giggling whenever my boyfriend laughs,” said his owner Kristina Shafer from Battle Creek, Michigan. She said it usually happened when Archer was tired or sleepy. “He’s a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox.”

    It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever, but before we all dash out and buy our own pet foxes, just be warned that they’re a lot more difficult to train than dogs – Shafer said that potty training has been particularly difficult. Think of them as the cats of the Canidae family.