Help Feed Dogs In Shelters By Watching This Adorable Puppy Video

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  • SoulPancake and Purina partnered to create this cute video showing puppies surprising people during their daily routines. The video shows people at a retirement home, preschool, and gym going about their regular time before bringing in a bunch of puppies to brighten up everyone’s day.

    Can puppies fix boredom?! YES! Besides getting to watch a bunch of cute puppies, the best part of this video is that Purina promises to donate a pound of dog food for every view of the video. Huffington Post writes,

    With every view, between March 23 and April 23, Purina promises to donate one pound of its new Puppy Chow Natural formula to Rescue Bank, a nonprofit organization that donates supplies to animal rescues and shelters.

    Purina pledged to donate up to 500,000 pounds if the video reached that many views. It hasn’t reached that many yet, but how could we resist the opportunity to both watch puppies and help them?! We’ll definitely be watching this video over and over.