Naughty Panda Cubs Hassle Zoo-Keeper Trying to Sweep

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  • Being a babysitter for panda cubs sounds like the best job ever, but this zoo-keeper was probably having second thoughts after two naughty cubs decided to “help” her clean out their enclosure.

    In a panda breeding base in Sichuan, China, the young woman was trying to sweep up dry leaves and carry them out in a basket while a crowd of onlookers watched the cubs playing.

    Problem was, the cubs got the idea that the whole sweeping thing was a game and joined in, crawling into her basket, knocking it over, grabbing her broom, scattering leaves everywhere and basically being adorable nuisances.

    Great for the delighted crowd, bad for the zoo-keeper, who couldn’t keep up with both of them at once and ended up sitting on the ground with her arms full of panda, trying to figure out how to finish her job.