Nature Host Encounters and Plays with Wild Ocelot!

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  • Nature host Coyote Peterson had the wildlife encounter of a lifetime while out searching for insects and reptiles!

    While he and his crew were in the midst of their search they met a wild, playful, Ocelot kitten. Peterson had been warned by locals that he might encounter the Ocelot, as other had seen her on the trail prior.

    Luckily, the kitten wanted to play rather than treat Peterson and he crew as prey, and Peterson managed to still give a small lesson on Ocelots before continuing on the trail. He did warn that this incident was extraordinarily rare, so any of you thrill-seeking tourists interested in disrupting nature should maybe reconsider imitating the video.

    Ocelots are indeed very dangerous creatures, even as kittens, so it’s ill-advised for an amateur to try this at any time.