See This Adorable Elephant Get Sung to Sleep

  • Some days can be so hard and stressful they seem like they may never end. When we finally close our eyes at night, everyone could use a soothing lullaby to help them put their troubles behind and drift into a blissful sleep. As this video from elephantnews proves, elephants might just be the exact same way.

    The video was filmed at Elephant National Park in South Africa and shows a huge elephant named Faamai get ready for bed. Her trainer, Lek, sings a beautiful song for Faamai who begins falling asleep within moments of hearing it.

    Lek comforts the animal as she sings her lullaby and pets it lovingly. She then lays down against Faamai and the two share a nice moment that could melt the heart of just about anyone.

    Whether you love elephants or if you’re having trouble sleeping yourself, be sure to watch and click here to see more cute elephant videos from elephant news.