Invisible: A Short Film That Will Punch You Right in the Feels

  • It’s not that often that a short film breaks through the constant chatter of the internet to gain much fame (tho we have covered them when they do, like this tear jerker or this emotional ride ), but today we saw Invisible, the adorable story of a lovelorn chameleon trying to ask his crush to dance, only she can’t see him because… chameleon, buoyed up through the power of Reddit to gain nearly 100k views in 2 days.

    What’s perhaps most remarkable about this particular film is that it was made by students. Yep. As in they just graduated last month. Michael Trikosko and Andrew Wilson may not have any IMDB credits yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Apparently the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida is where it’s at for those wanting to learn animation. We covered this film by fellow Ringlingers when it made the rounds as well.

    The one thing Ringling doesn’t teach you? To not put your phone number on your website, but we’re hoping the boys amend that soon, for their own sake. Or get dates, one or the other.

    Let us know in the comments bellow or on Twitter @WhatsTrending if you’ve ever felt like this lonely chameleon. Do you still? If so, wanna dance? *Spins you around the room.*