Adorable Baby Raccoon Rescued With Life Vest!

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  • A sailing crew overheard cries of help to discover a baby raccoon swimming for its life in a local creek.

    The crew aboard the boat at first thought they were hearing the sounds of the birds overhead before locating the young raccoon who appeared to be exhausted and barely treading the water. Quick thinking led to a crew member tossing a life preserver to the small animal who gratefully climbed on top of it, resting after its ordeal.

    The crew wisely chose not to haul the animal onboard (after all we know all too well what happens when humans try to “save” wild animals) and instead chose to tow the little guy safely to the shore. While the video doesn’t elaborate on the fate of the raccoon, it’s assumed that it was safely released back into the wild, only a little worse for wear.

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