The Story Of This Puppy’s Struggle Will Break Your Heart And Make Your Day

  • Bronson
  • Imgur user KaffeKalle is a vet tech and shared the story of Bronson, the puppy that lived.

    Bronson was a tiny chocolate lab born via c-section in the clinic in which Kaffe works. The little guy was born with a severely cleft palate which normally leads to euthanization. However, the vet on staff managed to convince the family to sign over the pup to Kalle who became its foster (soon-to-be full time) mother.

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  • Through constant vigilance and care, Kaffe was able to get the pup to grow exponentially fast and lead a relatively happy puppyhood!

    His eyes and ears are all the way open, and he is taking in the world and all it’s sounds and tastes and sights. He has since completely ditched his binky and has become attached to my fingers. Many cleft palate puppies that survive will often carry this trait with them to adult hood.

  • 09   5 weeks old
  • However, the cleft palate was severe, and Kaffe had to keep a weather eye out for any thing that might get lodged in Bronson’s palate. For his breed, times were difficult. Labradors are known for their playful nature and intense need to put everything in their mouths.

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  • Bronson would not be taken down by this impediment. He grew and grew until finally he became old enough to surgically seal the cleft.

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  • Here he is now! His cleft palate has been sewn shut and he’s currently healing. He’s now well on his way to living a healthy and happy life thanks to the efforts of Kaffe. You can check out her full album of the little guy’s story here.

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