Check Out the Funniest Version of a Dog Acting Human in ‘Chef Dog’

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  • Markiplier is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. Though he’s best known for his gaming videos (including that one time he educated Jimmy Kimmel on said videos), he’s lately branched out into non-gaming-related entertainment. Case in point? Our favorite video on the internet today, “Chef Dog.”

    “Chef Dog” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a dog who’s a chef. The video starts off simply enough, with a mysterious set of hands cooking up some spaghetti and sautéed vegetables. (Someone tell this guy that pasta needs a bigger pot!) Then, halfway through, Markiplier reveals who our mysterious chef is when she sits down for a meal: his adorable golden retriever, Chica.

    The video is just two and a half minutes long, but in that time we see a dramatic story unfold. Chica loves to cook, but doesn’t seem to show much interest in the food she actually makes. Sure, she slurps up a few noodles and a couple of broccoli florets, but since spaghetti and veggies aren’t exactly standard dog food, she quickly bails out of the taste test.

    The results are that rare combination of cute and funny that we haven’t seen since… well, since Beary the Bear earlier today.

    Markiplier’s “Chef Dog” video is, according to the description, a sequel to “boat dog,” which you can see right here:

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