Watch This Cute Hamster Totally Suck at ‘Super Mario Bros.’

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  • Most animals have no opinion on Super Mario Bros. (Except that cat who’s scared of it.) Hamumario, an adorable hamster named after the game’s titular character, is no exception. Mario is pearls before swine to him. Or pearls before a hamster. Either/or.

    In the video above, Japanese YouTube user yutako55 shows us what happens when she puts Hamumario in a hand-made version of 1-1, the first level of the classic game. Unlike some people, Hamumario has little interest in completing the level. Even so, he manages to get to the end and hear that sweet, sweet victory fanfare. Congratulations, li’l buddy!

    Yutako55 previously uploaded a video of an incomplete version of the course, and went on to upload a video detailing how she built it. (Both videos are in Japanese, so if you don’t speak the language, don’t expect to be able to make much sense of them.)

    Can’t get enough Hamumario? There’s also a video of him running a maze and eating some sunflower seeds:

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  • Bless you, Hamumario. Now let’s see you beat Ninja Gaiden.

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