Give a Kitten Mini Pancakes and the Internet Will Fall in Love

  • We recently showed you a guy who saved a kitten from the highway, but this guy just did something a whole lot cuter!

    When Chase Stout was tasked with taking care of his girlfriend’s cat, he did what every other cat-sitter would… he made the cat mini pancakes!

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  • As expected, the Internet totally freaked out over the cuteness! A majority of users were supportive of Chase’s efforts to make sure the little cat didn’t go hungry, but of course… there had to be some haters. Users were worried that the cat may have had some chocolate in his food, but Chase took to Twitter again to assure everyone that Wilson was okay.

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  • Chase and his cat have received so much love that he has decided to make the little guy an Instagram account (@wilsonthekitten)!

    What do you think about Wilson? Would you feed your cat pancakes? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!