Adorable Service Dog Gets Caricature Drawn at Disneyland

  • Dogs + Disneyland = ultra-freaking-cuteness.

    Do you remember when this service dog met Pluto at Disneyland? I didn’t think things could get any cuter until Twitter user, @cutiechaser_, tweeted this picture she received from her parents:

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  • In the photo, you can see the service dog posing perfectly while he gets his caricature drawn. If you look closely, the artist is drawing the adorable pup on a surfboard!

    This little guy definitely got the Disneyland experience, if you ask me. I mean, I haven’t even had a caricature drawn and I’ve been to the amusement park plenty of times…

    Do you think they let him have a churro? Or one of those (disgustingly) large turkey legs? We can only wonder what this dog’s day at the park was like.

    As you can imagine, Twitter users absolutely loved this photo! You can check out some of their reactions below:

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