Cute Dog Has the Happiest Moment of Her Life Meeting Real Gumby

  • Emily Crisp posted this amazing video of her dog Jolene. Jolene, a golden retriever, has a favorite toy. That favorite toy just happens to be 80’s icon Gumby. So when one of her owners comes out dressed as a giant Gumby, Jolene’s all about it. (If you like dog videos, here’s one pulling the ultimate dick move.)

    In the video, you can see Jolene’s actual toy Gumby in the beginning. It quickly becomes clear that she has a lot of love for that toy. So when her owner comes bouncing in, at first she’s curious. But then she realizes it’s her owner, and is ready to par-tay.

    She takes down Giant Gumby, and gets super protective. The other dog in the family tries to approach, and Jolene’s all “no. My toy.”

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