‘Piper’ Is One of the Most Adorable Pixar Shorts Ever

  • Source: vimeo.com / Via: vimeo.com

  • Piper is an adorable Pixar short about a bird. A baby bird. I told you it was adorable. The short ran before Finding Dory this summer and has recently been uploaded to Vimeo. They did that turnaround faster than they did for Lava, the short before Inside Out, which, if you haven’t seen it yet, oh man you gotta click here.

    Piper follows a baby sandpiper (get it?) as she explores the world. She is attempting to learn how to be a sand piper. Her mother is watching and mentoring her in this process. Unfortunately, Piper gets hit by a wave at first and panics.

    Her fluffy little head gets all out of sorts. Fortunately, she learns her lesson and avoids the waves more carefully the next time. That is, until she makes a new hermit crab friend! She follows it to the waves, and it teachers her how to burrow.

    Piper then uses the trick to get clams for her whole flock. Smart little cute sweet bird.

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