Jenna Marbles Married Her Dogs and It’s Actually Adorable

  • This is a photo from Peach and Kermit’s wedding album.



  • So YouTube veteran Jenna Marbles wanted to do something good this week. The last two times we featured her, she was shaving off her eyebrows and wearing 100 layers of face makeup, so this is a little cuter in my opinion.

    In the past, Jenna has taught us about “P*ssy Grabbing Defense Moves”, what girls actually say and think on the Internet, and given us drunk makeup tutorials.

    Well yesterday, she married her two dogs, Peach and Kermit (who happen to be half-siblings btw) in holy matrimony. She said she’d had this wedding planned for a long time, and yesterday was just the right time for the ceremony.

    Here’s the full video.

  • It’s actually insanely cute.

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  • Her fans seemed to enjoy the ceremony!

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  • And clearly, her dogs have fans of their own.

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  • The video features some pre-wedding preparation including the making of the gown and tux for the bride and groom, some lovely flowers, and some unwilling participants in this ceremony of love.

    Peach seems to be less than thrilled about marrying her brother, Kermit, and Kermit just wants to take a nap. And their officiator pup is just here for the food. Enjoy!

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