A Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later and It’s Perfect

This might be the cutest Pride photo ever!

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  • Pride month is in full swing with equality marches popping up in the biggest cities. One couple, Nick Cardello (54) and Kurt English (52) attended the Equality March in Washington, DC. The two men met in 1992 and are now married and living in Tampa, Florida. For their 25th anniversary, Cardello and English decided to go to the march as a celebration. While the two were at the march, they decided to recreate a picture of them kissing on the National Mall that they took 24 years ago.

    In the days leading up to the march, Cardello started sharing “more affectionate” photos of him and his husband. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Cardello said, “a lot of people get kind of sensitive to seeing images of gay men kissing, so I’ve always resisted posting them on social media,” he explained. But, he also said it was “important for people to see that image… It’s who we are.”

    While Cardello was afraid of people being sensitive to the picture, Twitter users were dying over its cuteness.

  •  The moment was so sweet and just goes to show that love is love.
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