Rat Showering Like a Little Human Wins Over Internet’s Heart


  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • The Internet has been completely won over by this insane video of a little soap covered rat washing his little body and his little armpits as if he was a gosh darned little person in a little shower (and not a sewer creature which haunts New York).

    Golly, is he a cutie!

    I mean, in a filthy feral way. We here on the Internet, the weird and incredible part of it, love it when a rat does messed up, weird human stuff. Remember Pizza Rat? Hell, I say Pizza Rat, and the pure unspoiled image of the mighty pizza rat bursts forth in your head. Will grimy little shower rat take the same level of import in the national conversation on rats and the messed up stupid things that they do? Only time will tell.

    But for now… this rat… is washing… his tiny little armpits.

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