VIDEO: Toddler Cries Because She Can’t Stop Dreaming About Waffles


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  • Sometimes, it can be easy to forget when you watch a little kid cry just how painful their seemingly goofy problem is. Sure the issue is trivial and easily solved, but it could sometimes be the first time the child is experiencing the inescapable anxiety and pain of disappointment baked into our every waking moment. On the other hand, this kid is crying because she ate too many waffles and now can’t stop dreaming about waffles, and that kind of stuff is just downright adorable, alright?

    The video here is a minute long of an adorable toddler crying — lip quivering and all — that she just cannot stop dreaming about waffles! Her mom explains that well — she had waffles for dinner, and she had waffles for breakfast — no wonder she’s thinking about them. The child, however — no doubt thrown into the chaos with the realization of the unbearable weight of the force of subconscious — continues to cry. “This is kind of ridiculous,” says her mom, not realizing the untold psychic told upon the child.

    She weeps because she dreams of waffles.

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