Virgin Flight Flies Heart Over Ocean for Valentine’s Day


  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready to be wished a Happy Valentine’s Day by the one thing that matters most>? A big old plane?! On Valentine’s Day, a Virgin Atlantic Test Flight in the Southwest of England flew a heart shape above the ocean — making it recognizable in the flight path.

    The plane was named Honky Tonk Woman and had one goal — to showcase love to the world. Are you alone on Valentine’s Day? Well, don’t worry, friend! Gaze upon the flight map and know that at least one airplane loves you. An airplane loves you, folks! The plane flew close to the coast of Penzance showing you just how much they love you — yes you! What do you think of this plane’s show of love? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and Happy Valentine’s Day!