Panera Bread Wants You to Get Engaged at Its Restaurant for Valentine’s Day


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  • I wonder if the plan is to make websites like ours to just talk about Panera Bread a lot to get it in your head and just go buy a half soup and half sandwich after all this is said and done. Nevertheless — when a big sandwich company tries to make you propose marriage in their garbage restaurant on Valentine’s Day in return for them catering your wedding I guess I just have to say… don’t do it?

    Like, the reward for this is a bunch of truly terrible food to be served as your spread for your wedding. Yeah, you’ll save some money, but everyone will remember it as the wedding that served all that Panera food. Come on, you don’t want that!

    So, how do you enter? Well, according to Panera, you propose in Panera and then the worst part (ugh) you TELL EVERYONE. You tweet out the photo of your proposal by tweeting #PaneraProposalSweeps, then they choose the lucky winners — yeah, they choose. You might propose at Panera and get NOTHING). So… if you propose at Panera we’ll probably write about it. You’ll get a lot of attention, for sure. Will I like it? Heck no! Will I post about it? Yeah, absolutely.

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