College Girls Trade Nudes for Cute Puppy


  • ”Send nudes.” it has become the clarion call of all around internet horniness, as in two words the sexual desires of the sender are spoken to the point where the phrase has sort of become a meme of its own. But, could send nudes be used for… good? It certainly was in this case, when three roommates — freshmen in college at San Antonio, Texas — saw a friend from back home was giving away his dog Balto. They asked what he wanted in exchange for the dog, and his response? “Send nudes.” The girls met and ultimately decided… this deal wasn’t too bad!

    While they were all ready to take nudes of their own, they realized they had a friend’s nudes on one of their phones, and with her permission, sent them to the guy.

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  • And, in exchange? A sweet little pup! Welcome home, Balto. You were sold for a few photos of the naked human body — possibly to reference a meme. Sorry, pup.

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  • Are we now living in a sick world where we exchange nudes for puppies? I don’t know! Do you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.