VIDEO: Water Trap Can’t Stop Door Opening Cat

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  • Do you remember when we showed you that unstoppable jumping kid? That kid who persevered and managed — through their incredible power — to finally make a jump onto a stool? It was great, and we heard you loud and clear. You love videos of perseverance! So, here’s a (freaky as all hell) cat who can open up a door with its paws as if they were hands. “You scare me,” says its owner, and for good reason. A cat who can just open up a door with its paws as if it was nothing is indeed quite scary.

    I mean, that’s all we got over the animals, right? We can open doors and they can’t. Also, I don’t want my cat running away! The cat’s owner tries to stop this by setting a water trap by the door — a small tub of water stopping the cat from at least getting to the door — but it doesn’t work. Hide your valuables and also tins of salmon. Cats can open doors and now we must all pay the price.

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