ILLUSION: Is This Corgi Being Thrown Out Into The Sky?


  • The mind’s eye can play tricks on us when we’re dealing with 2D images! We try to understand them in a 3D world, and sometimes for a split second our brains can lie to us. Take for example this video of a corgi being thrown into snow. I’ve seen it about ten times now, and every single time now it looks exactly like someone is flinging the corgi into clouds in the sky!

    You needn’t worry, however. They’re throwing the corgi in the snow, not the sky! But with the white sky, blue shadows, and wind — for half a second we see not a dog being flung in the snow, but a dog flung into the sky. What horror. The dog’s owner then apologizes in a jokey voice, but imagine how horrified the voice would be if the dog was actually flung from the sky.

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