VIDEO: Mother Gorilla Kisses Newborn Child


  • Animals always surprise us with their incredible intelligence and compassion. Our hearts melt when we see love without the trappings of overthinking it, as we get reminded that the animal world is not that close to us. I mean, honestly, words don’t really do justice to this video of Kalaya, a mother gorilla, holding her newborn baby and kissing it gently.

    Hold on. This is beautiful. Ugh, I have to call my mom.

    Kalya and her newborn child currently reside at the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. I mean, I can’t believe there was any question in the history of society that humans haven’t evolved from apes. You just have to look at this adorable sight for a minute and go, “yup, I don’t see any other animal smooching their newborn with lippy kisses to welcome it into the world.

    There we go, I got on my soapbox for a gorilla kiss.

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