Family Wear Pink Lipstick to Support 9-Year-Old Boy

Twitter user, @BijlaniDiksha, shared a heart-breaking story about her 9-year-old cousin, and how he got bullied at school for liking the colour pink.

It’s 2018, and you would think by now that accepting people for who they are and what they like is the norm, but not everywhere has adapted to this open way of thinking. Unfortunately, for Diksha Bijlani’s cousin, who she named ‘Little Cuz’, he experienced this first hand at school when he decided to wear pink lipstick one day and got bullied and called names because of this.

@BijlaniDiksha shared the story on her Twitter and began by saying that her cousin is somewhat feminine and likes beauty and dressing up, but because his household is very male heavy, he has become the center of some very harsh jokes.

People across Twitter felt heart-broken for the boy, as he was just trying to express his love for beauty and the color pink. Unfortunately, as Twitter user @singularitykth pointed out in a thread, Indian society can be very narrow-minded, and Diksha had enough of these stereotypes being forced upon her, and especially her cousin.

Because she is the most supportive cousin there is, she decided to wear pink lipstick and ask her fellow family members to join in, so that they could show their cousin that it’s okay to wear lipstick and be who you want to be without having to suffer from harsh jokes that other small-minded people make.

I must admit, he is definitely rocking that lip color, and due to his big cousins supporting him, he can finally be happy in his own body and know that his family is supportive of him no matter what. She also mentioned how when ‘Little Cuz’ saw her older brother wearing the lipstick too, he felt even more empowered, and that the message she wanted to give to not only him but so many other people out there, is so important, especially at a young age.

People all over Twitter were so emotional and proud of this little boy and his family for finally embracing who he is. It even sparked other Twitter users to share how they’ve embraced their femininity.

As replies poured in over the social media site, it was groundbreaking to see the amount of support the story has gotten and shows how India is finally taking one step further into the modern society we live in today.

Diksha Bijlani even shared an update on how her Little Cuz is getting on, which definitely put a smile on our face.

Seems like he put his Uncle in his place and is finally proud of who he is. Well done, Little Cuz!

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