Five-Month-Old Baby Becomes Youngest Person to Visit All 50 States

Talk about achieving your goals early...

If you think back to when you were four months old, you might remember playing with your toys, trying to learn how to speak and learning how to not poo yourself every five minutes. Even though this is what most four-month olds do with their time, this isn’t the case for all of them. Four-month-old Harper Yeats, and her parents Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, have travelled to every state in the United States during an epic road trip, which has made little Harper the youngest person to ever achieve this.

After Cindy gave birth to Harper back in May, she realised that she didn’t want to waste her maternity leave and decided to make the most of it by completing one of her life-long goals. Visit all 50 states in the US. After just eight-weeks of little Harper entering the world, the family took off on a once in a lifetime road trip and began their memorable journey. Due to the unique nature of the story and because Cindy and Tristan were so brave to take an eight-week old baby travelling, The Daily Mail picked up the story, which was exciting for the family. However, the comments section of any site can be a nasty place, and unfortunately some negative comments started to circle.

However, the family didn’t let the negativity of others slow them down, and next week, they will have completed their goal of visiting all 50 states, with their last destination – Vermont.

Seriously, how could anybody have anything negative to say about this cutie pie? Cindy and Tristan have proved all the negative people wrong and shown how fulfilling and amazing travelling with a new-born can be. Although it might be tough at times, they have allowed Harper to achieve a goal that not many will ever achieve in their lifetime. So, for that, I think they’re pretty great parents.

Plus, look at how cute the pictures are!

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